Coyote Medicine

This morning a coyote appeared in the nature preserve behind our house.  This wasn’t so unusual….we are blessed to have many beautiful creatures who live so close.  What was unusual was the determined way he stood, watching me.  He sauntered by the bird feeders, then instead of walking on as most coyotes do, he laid down and

animal communication
View From Our Back Deck

continued looking up at me and Bella.

Animal messengers appear in our lives all the time, sharing their medicine with us if we choose to listen.  Coyote, sometimes known as the trickster is also the messenger of playfulness and spontaneity.  It was clear to me that this fellow’s message to me was about letting go of fear.  I have been going through some deep personal growth lately and this has sparked a sense of insecurity and fear as I let go of old patterns and embrace the unknown.  

animal communicatiion
Nature Preserve

When we open ourselves to divine wisdom, animals can become like angels who bring us valuable information and lessons.  They are always there, we need only open our minds and hearts. 

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  1. Mary Muncil
    | Reply

    The perfect reminder today Debra. Thank you. I have been going through a change and letting go of some old ways of acting/behaving and yesterday it seemed the sky was full of hawks. love to you, Mary

  2. admin
    | Reply

    Dear Mary. Ahhh, yes hawks. They are one of my favorite animal teachers. Their medicine is potent and strong…they help me remember my center since they have the ability to see far and wide from on high, and yet they can also spot the smallest mouse, reminding us that seeing things from all perspectives is empowering.

  3. Jeannie
    | Reply

    Debra, you mentioned something called the liberty game that you are playing with Remmington. What is this? I’ve never heard of it. As you know, I’m working hard to build trust with my border collie, and always on the lookout for fun ways to improve our relationship. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  4. admin
    | Reply

    Hi Jeannie, working “at liberty” relates to working with a horse, using no tack (halter, saddle, etc.) I commend you for finding creative, effective ways of building trust with your dog. Keep it up!

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