Creating The Bond


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Romeo: I Am Here

As I develop my relationship with Remington, I am reminded of the bond I had with my Romeo…..the ups, the downs, the closeness then the distance….then the closeness and the love deepened because of the experiences shared……the everlasting understanding that we are partners, friends, soul mates….meant to be together.

Animals yearn for a special kind of  connection with their people….just as much as we hope for the dedication and loyalty we seek in our relationships with them.  They want what we want: the assurance and trust that the bond is forever, no matter what.

Creating the bond with an animal is much like learning to love ourselves….it takes conviction, trust, patience and a soft, kind heart.  When we create a deep bond with another being….opening ourselves to all that will happen, we step into a kind of unity that brings us right back to our center…right back to the most powerful force in the universe:  LOVE

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  1. Jeannie
    | Reply

    I love hearing about your growing relationship with Remington. Best to both of you..

  2. admin
    | Reply

    Dear Jeannie, thank you! I love writing about Remington who continues to steal my heart every day.

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