Curiosity is A Gift

animal communicatiion
Remington and the Hot Wire

My young, sweet and very curious horse Remington never tires of figuring things out.  Life is all about exploring, after all.  One of his favorite things to explore is the hot-wire tape that is attached to the fences in each turn-out area at the ranch.

I’m not a fan of hot wire, but I also understand it’s necessity in a ranch where many horses live.  The hot wire protects fences and keeps horses safe from kicking at each other through the fence.  Remington has discovered that there are some turn-outs where this enticing, white-colored wire isn’t as potent as it is in others.

One day when I brought him in from his turnout, I discovered yards of turn-out tape on the ground…he had obviously had a grand time pulling it loose.  Now of course, he wants to test all the hot wire….he’s become fascinated with the game of pulling it loose.

Animals teach us about the gift of curiosity….the importance of being spontaneous, light-hearted and playful.  Curiosity is not only a sign of intelligence, it is vital for our sense of joy and aliveness.


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