Daily Miracles

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Oscar's Ladybugs

The animals in my life help me embrace daily miracles which lighten my spirits and remind me to trust in a divine kind of life.

It has been an unseasonably warm winter in San Diego with summer-like temperatures.  Today the Orange Boys, Oscar and Felix were napping in their favorite cat tree in the corner of my studio where the afternoon sunlight pouring in from the windows gives them the perfect sleep zone.  When I greeted Oscar, who likes to be on the top shelf of the tree, close to the ceiling… there to my delight and surprise were a batch of lady bugs tucked into the groove where the wall meets the ceiling. 

Every year for the last few seasons around springtime, I am blessed with these lady bugs.  I have no idea where they come from, yet every year they surprise me, suddenly appearing in the corner windows near the cat tree.  There is no trace of them until then. Perhaps they’ve built hidden egg nests somewhere in my studio and when I least expect it, there they are…….bringing their joyful message of hope and renewal.  Even in the middle of winter!  Sometimes there are 20 or more… ready for me to take them…one by one…outside where they can fly free.

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