animal communication

“We can’t control our destiny but we can control who we become.”  Anne Frank 

Perhaps destiny is simply another word for what we make of ourselves….a concept that our future is not something unknown, but something we can consciously create with our own intentions.

As I spend time with my young horse Remington, we are building a solid, positive foundation based in love, trust, faith and goodness.  I am reminded daily that my efforts are helping him become a solid, happy and trustworthy partner.  It’s a responsibility I don’t take lightly…..and yet every day he reminds me that one of the most important things IS to take things lightly.

He shows me how to fill our moments with light and joy, to stay within the now so that our destiny can unfold as it should and most importantly to consume each and every experience with complete abandon….to come away from our time together satiated and enriched….full of love and peace, our hearts singing the song of togetherness.

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