Do Animals Text?

animal communication
I Think I’ll Eat This Pumpkin

Texting is an abbreviated style of communication in which information is boiled down into brief letters and symbols.  I myself don’t text because I still have an old fashioned cell phone which I use only for phone calls.  But texting is fast becoming the communication of choice for many people.

I think animals do text….they have a gift for communicating with precise, brief, but highly effective ‘words’.  It may be a quick tail wag which tells you all about the day he/she had and how incredibly glad your dog is to see you.  It could be a certain meow from your cat that tattles on his brother and gives you the low-down on how much trouble he should be in.  It could be one look from your horse that tells you he’s been waiting for you, is feeling pretty fresh that day and come-on let’s go for a ride right now.

We’re not the only species who has learned how to change the way we use language to convey volumes about how we feel.  Maybe we learned how to do it from the animals.

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