Do You Want To Learn The Ancient Secrets Which Horses Can Teach You?

animal communication
(My Sweet Remington)

My journey with my young horse Remington has expanded beyond anything I could have imagined as he continues to show me the Ancient Way of the Horse.

When I visited him yesterday, I was down in the dumps.  Feeling sorry for myself and tired of dealing with back pain accompanied with  fears of never being strong or pain-free,  I apologized to him upon greeting him and humbly asked him if he might be able to help me.  As we went about our routine of walking around the Farm, visiting other horses, grooming and enjoying each others company, my spirits lifted and I forgot about my request to him.

Remy and I
(Enjoying A Walk-About the Farm)

After turning him back out into the pasture with his buddies and sitting down to enjoy my “lunch with the boys” (as I’ve come to think of it) I was soon surrounded by all three (Luke, William and Remy).  Remy made it clear to the other two that he wanted them to stand  a short distance away from me, then he came right over to my chair and stood over me.  Looking up at him, I immediately felt the presence of Romeo, my beloved horse who died three years ago.  I asked Remy if he and Romeo communicate often and he said “Of course, but right now just be quiet and sit there.  We’ve got work to do.”  I could feel both Remy and Romeo’s energy as Remy conveyed the following message to me “With my bare feet on the ground I am connecting with the earth’s energy and sending it to you.  Sit with both feet on the dirt and allow these energies to run through you, releasing your pain and your fear into the earth through your feet.”  We sat like this for about 10 minutes, me stroking Remy’s handsome face and him standing quiet, very still and focused.  I could feel an abundance of love and devotion rippling through us, a blended union of sweet trust and dedication flowing between Romeo, Remy and myself.

animal communication
(Romeo and I)

I then felt compelled to stand up and place my forehead (Third Eye Center) onto Remy’s forehead (His Third Eye Center) where we stood in silent serenity for what seemed like eternity.  I rested my hands on his face while Luke and William (who is normally busy, trying to get in on the action) stood respectfully quiet.  A veil of sacred, ancient healing energy surrounded us all. Remy who is an affectionate horse, but sets the limit at a few kisses and a couple minutes of cuddling, stood perfectly absorbed in this timeless sacredness.  I could feel him and Romeo channeling their primal equine wisdom into me.

Animal communication
(Remington and I)

Today, my back is at least 75% improved, my pain almost gone.  And my spirits are completely lifted.  As I was fixing breakfast, reflecting on how much better I felt, it occurred to me:  Horses have been doing this kind of healing for eons.  Not only with each other, but with their humans.  In the history of horse/human relations, there have been many cultures who have honored their equine companions, listened to their intelligence and respected the horse as an other-worldly keeper of secrets.  I believe horses are here, sharing this planet with us……as our teachers.

When we allow them to, they take us to forgotten realms where healing is a matter of fact, honoring unconditional love is a natural way to behave and showing respect for all God’s creatures is how to create everlasting peace.

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