Does Your Cat Like to Explore Cupboards?

animal communication
Oscar in the Cupboard

What is it about cats and cupboards?  Open a cupboard and a cat will surely explore it…..well at least if there’s room in the cupboard!  Our Orange Boys Oscar and Felix love to go cupboard exploring.

All of my kitchen cupboards are filled to the brim with pans, pots and tools of the cooking trade.  There are shelves which slide out, so when there’s an empty spot from a pot which is being used, and I forget to close the cupboard door, I can count on turning around and finding one of them sitting there, looking out inquisitively.  It is a delightful and welcome part of my time spent in the kitchen.   There are even times when I am somewhere else in the house and can hear one of the boys trying to open a cupboard so he can go exploring.  The audible thump, thump, thump of the door is a dead giveaway that somebody’s up to something in the kitchen.

The other day it was Felix who hopped in the cupboard, but before I could grab my camera, (telling him all the while how adorable he was and to please just stay there so I could get a photo) he was out.  Then a few minutes later, his brother decided to go in and this time I was able to capture it on camera.

animal communication
Felix Watching His Brother Get Into the Cupboard

What was most funny about this time, however was how Felix reacted when Oscar decided he was ready to exit.  Felix went right over to him and started to pick a fight.  “That’s my space! I don’t want you in there!”  Of course, I stepped in and broke things up before they became too crazy….I’m sure Felix was not only protecting “his space”, but mad because his brother was getting all the attention that had he stayed put in the first place, he would have gotten!

animal communication
“Break It Up Boys!”

Animals are a beloved source of  love, companionship and family…..they are also comics in their own right and fill our lives with laughter and joy.

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