Dogs in Crates

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Bella's Bed

What about putting dogs in crates; how do the dogs feel about it? 

It totally depends upon not only the dog, but how the crate is used.  I’ve talked with some dogs who see their crates as a horrible cage; confinement, isolation and punishment.  We had a neighbor once who used to put her large Weimerauner in a crate in which he could barely turn around…..for hours.  It was her idea of keeping him from barking while she was away.  He hated it…….it was a jail cell,  bordering on animal cruelty. Although she didn’t want to hear about it when I tried to talk to her , he barked more when he was in the crate.

Other dogs LOVE their crates.

Bella's Bed

Take our dog Bella for example.  Her crate is her den… a treasured place to retreat, sleep without interruption and  feel safe and warm.  We rescued Bella at 2 years old and wanted to make sure she had a quiet place to sleep at night.  So we set up “Bella’s Bed”, complete with recycled down comforter for a lining, lacy curtains all around and enough padding to support a rhinoceros.  Needless to say, she adores her crate and spends not only quiet nights snoozing comfortably, but when she wants a moment alone from the Orange Boy Kitties or simply desires a dreamy nap, she can be found belly up and snoring in her Bella Bed.

Animals respond to our intent.  When we intend to surround them with love, compassion and understanding….thinking things through from their perspective, then they know they are secure…… Kind of like us, we all want the same thing: to be loved, to feel safe and to be understood. 

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  1. Barbara Techel
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    My dog Kylie loves her crate too. Though I never did think of adding lace curtains- what a lovely idea!

  2. admin
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    The lace curtains were her idea…she can see through them and yet they still provide a sense of shelter. Not sure if the boy dogs would want lace….

  3. Hanna Thorton
    | Reply

    Hanna Thorton…

    This is one awesome post.Really looking forward to read more. Cool….

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