Everlasting Love


animal communication

Last night I did an animal communication session with one of my cherished clients and her elderly horse Buddy.  Bud recently survived three Grand Mal seizures during a brush-fire near his home…..he is terrified of the helicopters that appear during  wildfires.  Already in his 20’s, this wonderful horse is, as his mom describes “one tough cookie”.

The thing that struck me most about our session with Buddy is the endearing love and devotion that thrives between Bud and his human.  They are soul mates…..having been together for most of Bud’s life.  The genuine trust and deep bond that is the foundation of their relationship is based in unconditional love and respect.  They not only allow each other to be themselves, they depend on it….supporting each other with exceptional faith.  Their relationship is one of the main reasons why Buddy continues to enjoy such a long life.

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