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animal communication
Oscar's New Hang-out

A few  months ago, I spiffed up the cat window-bed that had been for our Kileaua when she was alive.  It’s in my office and provided a sanctuary for her during the last year or so of her life. She could escape to ‘her’ room and be undisturbed by the rambunctious Orange Boys.  After building a new shelf, complete with cushy blanket and plush beds, I expected the boys to take over.  Nope.  They checked it all out, looked at me and said.  “Not doin’ this”.  I was admittedly disappointed but knowing cats as I do, realized they just needed time to make it theirs.

animal communication
All In Good Time


A few days ago, I found them both sleeping in two of the beds.  And this morning, Oscar was camped out…looking as comfortable and content as can be.  Animals teach us so many wonderful things, patience being only one of them.  “Trust in the unfolding of things” was his message to me this morning.

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  1. Kim
    | Reply

    I remember Killi so well – sweet baby with those gorgeous green eyes!! I love those two boys taking their sweet time!! Oscar – thanks for the message, perfect timing for me!

  2. admin
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    Hi Kim….beautiful Killi. So glad that Oscar was able to speak to you. Much love Kim.

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