Eyes Are The Windows

animal communication
Windows To His Soul

Many people ask me about eye contact with animals…..will looking an animal eye-to-eye set them off?  Will it be interpreted as aggression? In my experience it depends upon several things, one of the most important being whether or not you know the animal.  When getting to know an animal, it’s best not to provoke lots of intense, prolonged eye contact….wait until you know they trust you.  That could take minutes, it could take much longer.

But for those animals with whom you have a good connection, eye contact is essential for not only getting a read on them, but for communicating with them. It’s true that the eyes are the windows to the soul…..whether you are animal or human!  Next time you are communicating with your animal friend, imagine that by looking them in the eyes and silently telling them your thoughts that you are speaking directly to their inner self.  And be prepared for them to look directly back at you with the same depth of communication.  

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