Poinsettia Faith

There is a small potted poinsettia on our dining room table near the sliding glass door which I’ve been nursing along since last Christmas.   She was the only one to survive from last season’s decorations.  (I believe wholeheartedly in anthropomorphism. Each and every living thing has an essence, a spirit..Father Sky, Mother Earth….this little plant has definite feminine qualities).

When the traditional red leaves of the season failed to appear on her, I asked a fellow at the nursery about it.  “Well, you probably won’t get any.  The plant has to be in a darkened area and it sounds like you’ve given it too much light.”

Somehow, without realizing it I must have kept faith in the light….  Because sure enough, this morning I discovered a tiny red leaf nestled next to the budding promise of more to come. 

Nature never fails.  Light is the giver of all life…..Faith always prevails.

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