Family Dynamics

animal communication
Oscar Taking Over Bella’s Bed

Our Orange Boy Oscar and Miss Bella have been jostling for who’s-in-charge-of-the-family ever since they met.  It’s a friendly debate, but none the less a regular discussion between them.  Oscar and his brother Felix were here when we brought Bella home and Felix immediately decided she was pretty cool.  Oscar decided she needed to be reminded who’s house it was.

Oscar’s latest reminder for Bella is to immediately enter her ‘house’ when we all first arise in the mornings.  As soon as Bella bounces out with her usual effusive good morning after a peaceful night in her crate, Oscar quickly gets in her bed and rolls around, placing his scent everywhere.  Bella is usually oblivious, focused instead on gleefully prepping my husband as he gets ready for their 6am walk.

animal communication
HI Mom

animal communication
King of the House

I am tickled as I watch the dynamics…..touched by how integrated our little family has become.  This morning Oscar, obviously pleased with himself, raced out of her house and over to his cat tree where he proudly displayed his awesome self.  I had to bite my lip not to chuckle.

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