Feeling Special

animal communication
Oscar….Upside Down Again

Animals love to feel special.  Much like us, they want to know they are important and that they hold a special place in our lives.  Take our Orange Boy Oscar for example.  Each morning we have a routine in which I carry him part-way downstairs from my office to the kitchen where I begin the preparations for breakfast.

What makes this so special is the way in which I carry him…..he is flipped upside down, his back up against my thighs while I hold onto his armpits and his hips and belly, his front legs spread out like Superman.  He loves it!  This goofy way of carrying him started when he was just a kitten and I would lift him upside down so he could get a different perspective on the world.  Not sure if he’d like it, it’s now become one of his favorite things to do and if I try to carry him right-side up during our morning ritual, he wants nothing of it.

Finding creative ways to let our animal companions feel how special they are means far more to them than we could ever imagine.

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