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Pasture Fences

Fences are like boundaries. They are a dichotomy of containment verses freedom and a life without them can be a life of chaos and confusion.  How we experience the ‘fences’ in our lives has everything to do with feeling a sense of limitation or a sense of bountifulness.

For domesticated horses who live at ranches and stables, fences can be a positive influence on their lives, giving them a sense of order and safety.

Fences contain their pastures, promoting friendly grazing. A horse who is happily eating grass in a fenced-in pasture is secure in knowing he’s safe.


Fences define their paddocks, giving them a feeling of personal space. 

Bently visiting with his neibhbors

A contented horse who shares a fence line with his neighbors knows he has his own food, a quiet place to lay down and his buddies to talk with when he feels like it.

Fences and boundaries…..it all depends upon how you look at it.

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