Finding Our Way Back To Center

animal communication
Antares, one of my favorite horses

I recently had an animal communication session that involved an unhappy mare who was for sale.  I was called out to talk with her stable-neighbor, a sweet gelding whose person was concerned that the mare’s negative presence was affecting her sweet boy.  During the first half of our session, the mare stood with her head out the stall door, giving us all the stink eye.  Because this gelding made it clear that he was more concerned about the mare than bothered by her, I decided to see if I could help her.

The gelding’s owner told me she’d been for sale for some time and was unpleasant to everyone…horses as well as people.  She didn’t want to talk with me at first, but when I began to make a heart-to-heart connection with her, I realized she didn’t understand that her negative behavior was pushing people away.  She told me she wanted to have a person like the gelding had….someone who loved and adored her.  When I gently but firmly explained to her that she had the power to find this person, she was skeptical.  I persisted…explaining to her that she was beautiful, kind and very lovable…..but if she really wanted a wonderful relationship with someone, she needed to drop the negative behavior and show her true beauty…inside and out.  There was a dramatic shift in her energy….her face softened, her eyes began to shine.  I was absolutely sure she had heard me.

I learned about two weeks later that from that day forward, this mare make a complete turn-around.  She became friendly to everyone and within only a few days, she was sold.  

We all carry a depth of inner beauty within us….sometimes all we need is some loving encouragement to find our way back to center. 


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  1. Robin
    | Reply

    Wow! Awesome! I can tell you since you and I talked with Rico he does have that owner who adores him and is now riding him and having a ball! He is also being ridden by another amateur woman rider who loves him and we could not be more lucky for Rico to have two people who love him and love riding him! He has really changed!

  2. admin
    | Reply

    Dear Robin, it’s so nice to hear this wonderful news about Rico! I’m so happy for both of you. Please give him a special hug and kiss from me.

  3. Kim
    | Reply

    What a wonderful connection. How often I have met people like that who want love so desperately, but push it away. I love this!

  4. admin
    | Reply

    Dear Kim, Thank you for your kind words and sensitive observations! I hope all is well in your world.

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