Finding The True Self


animal communication

“We are the ones for whom we have been waiting”……..Hopi Elders 

Simple yet profound,  this quote speaks of a wisdom that is ageless…timeless.  It touches an ancient, deep, and soulful place within us and represents a universal truth that I sometimes feel when I am around animals.  Today, I was watching my horse Remington in his turn out.   I enjoy sitting in a chair near the fence during his turn-outs, spending quiet, reflective time with him while he roles, explores his surroundings, visits with the horses around him and enjoys his time in the sun.

I was observing him interacting with one of his friends who was in the turn-out next to him…a beautiful mare named Aila.  They stood quietly facing each other, a palpable flow of peace and harmony transmitting back and forth between them.  This energetic flow of equine wisdom and connection made it feel as if they were suspended in another time and place….and I, being the observer was a part of it. Feelings of being enveloped within a bubble of tranquility stayed with me throughout the rest of my day.

Animals help us remember how to quiet our brains and to let go into the inner worlds of mystical knowledge…into that place where soulful memories of being part of a divine consciousness bring us profound peace and deep, reassuring happiness.



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