Finding the Zen


animal communication
Scooter the Zen Master

Animals have a way of helping us find the Zen of Being….if we allow it.  Their abilities to flow gently and easily with each moment keeps them in a constant state of acceptance.  I was reminded of this yesterday when Scooter and I were doing one of our ‘walk-abouts’….me on his bare back, walking around the ranch property and stopping to visit with other horses and people.  It’s one of our favorite activities.

One of our stops included a conversation between me and another woman….we stood and talked for several minutes about our fascination with horses .  At one point, she said “Scooter’s napping”.  Indeed, he had closed his eyes and lowered his head towards her in a moment of complete trust and peace.

I was moved by the simplicity of it all…and by Scooter’s gentle example of how easy it can be to just relax and become completely absorbed within the Now.  

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