animal communication

I recently had a lesson of forgiveness from my horse Romeo.  As those of you who are familiar with horses know, they test our leadership daily…sometimes many times in a day.  It’s in their bioengineering to do this and not to be taken personally.  It’s one of the reasons they have survived for millennium.

Romeo is a strong willed boy who likes very clear signals.  When I become lazy in my habits with him, he becomes bossy and pushy as he did the other day when he decided to walk away from me, straight out of his paddock and began a self-directed walk-about without a halter.  Naked freedom! He was thrilled with himself and very calculating in not letting me catch him.  I was pretty angry when we finally got back into his paddock….mostly at myself for getting so angry!  I stewed on this for a day or so, berating myself for being the animal communicator that was obviously having trouble communicating with my horse! 

Finally today we had a conversation about it.  He of course had completely moved on from the experience but sensed the imbalance between us due to my stewing.  His look of love and  forgiveness reminded me that leadership is about the highest form of harmony.  Staying stuck in negative energy undermines the partnership and weakens not only the leader, but the entire herd.

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