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animal communication
Remy with his hay net

My young, healthy and cheerful horse Remington has been laid-up with a bone fracture for six weeks.  Although he’s been able to get out each day for a 20-minute walk, the rest of his time has been spent in a stall….resting his leg so the bone could set.  Stall rest for horses, especially young ones can be challenging to say the least.

The vet came out yesterday to radio-graph the leg and check on his progress.  He was most impressed with Remy’s recovery and thankfully, gave us the go-ahead to let him out of his stall and start back to work.  I have visualized that day for weeks now, imagining how I would take Remy out into his new paddock where he could finally be free to play, enjoy the sunshine and remember what it’s like to be a horse.

Just as I had envisioned, when I walked him out and took off his halter, he took one quick look at me “Really?!!” and then spent the next 10 minutes running, bucking, leaping, rearing and unleashing a kind of absolute joy that was contagious.  As I stood there watching him, I could feel his incredulous response….weeks of pent up energy gleefully being released.  This morning, he was going back and forth from his stall and out into his paddock, running and playing…as if to make sure that his freedom was still there.  He then spent much of the afternoon with his hay net, now hanging outside instead of in his stall.  When I left, he was quietly napping along the fence line, content and happy.

Animals have a way of showing us how to completely let go and enjoy life.  They teach  us how to unleash the power of sheer joy and become enveloped by a kind of freedom that frees our spirit and propels us into eternal bliss.

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  1. Lori Skoog
    | Reply

    Remy is beautiful! What a relief to be back outside…sounds like the stall rest worked. How old is he?

  2. admin
    | Reply

    Hi Lori, thanks for your compliments about Remy. He’s 5 years old, and very, very happy to be outside!

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