animal communication
The look of freedom

I am an advocate for Wild Horses….I support several organizations who are helping to keep our nation’s wild horses wild.  Not only have wild horses been on the planet far longer than we have, they represent the very essence of freedom.

Freedom is also something we can give to our domesticated horses….a kind of freedom that is liberating and spiritual, even while they remain in our care.  It’s the freedom of partnership and the bliss of unity.   It comes when we soften how we use our bodies when we are around them.  It comes when we treat them as partners, not servants.  It comes when we listen to their opinion while providing them leadership.  It comes when we expect them to be loving, kind and gentle…..and they are. 

There is a look of exquisite joy in the eyes of a horse who shares this freedom with their human.  It’s a look that says they, like their counterparts who live in the wild…..are experiencing their life with a soaring spirit and a full heart.

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