Bella and Felix

Our sweet dog Bella…we adopted her from Helen Woodward Animal Center about 8 months ago when she was 2 years old…came to live with an existing household of felines.  Our Orange Boys were at first weary of her.  She was exuberant, inquisitive and full of far too much dog-ness for their taste.  They had been raised since kitten-hood by our beloved Sophie, an aging lab who took them under her charge like a nanny and spoiled them with her gentle kindness until she passed on.

During the last few weeks, I’ve noticed a shift between Bella and the Boys.  They are finding their way…discovering the art of inter-species harmony.  Today while in my studio, Felix and Bella shared her bed….albeit a bit tentative at first, each not sure who’s idea it was in the first place.

The look on their faces said it all.

The look

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  1. dogear6
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    When we got first dog after being married for 30 years, he loved chasing the cats. Toys without batteries! Oh joy!

    My oldest cat was about 13 at the time. One day he decided to stop running and sat down in the middle of the living room to wash his leg.

    The Vizsla was running so fast, he overshot the cat and nearly rammed the wall. There was no more chasing cat #1 after that.

    I thought it was a pretty hilarious solution to the problem, although we had multiple places the cats could get to that the dog couldn’t. It wasn’t like the dog could actually catch the cat.


  2. admin
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    Nancy, Dogs and cats….a wonderful mix of canine and feline hilarity for sure!

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