From Your Soul

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”  Jalaluddin Rumi

animal communication
Felix on the cat tree

When I watch animals being animals….whether it be cats basking in the sun, horses playing in the turnout, dogs racing around their yards, birds flying from tree to tree and catching the thermal drifts, or our Orange Boys goofing around on the cat tree, the above quote speaks to me.

A few mornings ago while I was making the bed, Felix was showing off on the cat tree in our master bedroom.  Flying leaps, twirling circles around the pole of the tree, grand jumps to the floor followed by impressive hurls into the pass-through section.  When he finally took a break and plopped down into the bowl shaped bed at the top, I watched his joy, that obvious inner river of utter delight continuing to move through him as he realized that just outside the window were birdies in the tree. 

animal communication
Lookin’ at the birdie


Even in his quiet repose in between checking out those birds, his soul was alive with wonder, his spirit enlivened with the richness of life.

Oh! How simple life can be when we allow animals to show us the way.



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