Full Circle

animal communication

I had a riding lesson today with a woman who used to train Romeo….she was part of his life for many years up until about 2 years before I bought him. We spent most of the time talking about him and sharing Romeo stories.  My heart is full, knowing more about my beloved friend’s life before he and I met.  So many of the fleeting impressions and feelings I had about Romeo’s past were confirmed today.  It was tremendously healing to get to know him through the eyes of this very talented and patient woman.

It brought me such joy to let her know what a wonderful life he and I had these last five years and how happy he was to be with me.  While she and I were riding around together I could feel him watching us, at peace with it all.  He gently reminded me to embrace this full circle….for everything truly does come back around again…and we are all interconnected in more profound ways than we may realize.

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  1. Robin crabtree
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    Sounds like a great day!

  2. admin
    | Reply

    Hi Robin! It was indeed a wonderful day….being around such nice horses and feeling the loving presence of my boy. Give a hug on your boys for me and send them my love!

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