Gender Specifics


animal communicatiion
Boys and Girls

Some people enjoy a relationship with a boy dog or a girl cat or a mare vs. a gelding.  Does gender make a difference in choosing our best friends?  In all species (us included) there are certain personality traits and characteristics that are inherently present in females and males.  And yet just as we humans can’t really be categorized by our gender, neither can animals.

Animals are spiritual beings first, their relationship to us mystical and soulful.  When I am getting to know an animal during an animal communication session, I am first impressed by their core…their real reason for having a relationship with their humans.  Sometimes that relationship is influenced by their very female approach or their obviously masculine ideas. 

But ultimately, animals want to be understood for their deep connection to their humans and their sincere desire to teach, heal, support and love their human family.  I’ve never met an animal who described their human according to their gender.  Instead, it’s always in terms of sincere endearment and acceptance.

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