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There is a Great Blue Heron who makes his annual winter visits to the Osuna Ranch where I board my horse Romeo.  Everyone calls him George.

Although George lives year-round in the surrounding area, his favorite time at the Ranch is now…. when gopher-catching is plentiful.  During the summer months, he’s next door at the Saddle Club where the spring-fed pond provides abundant fishing.

The horses love George…he’s a welcome pasture mate and an interesting character.  Slow, steady, focused and polite, he respects the equine need for order and calmness.  He never creates a scene, always gives the horses the right-of-way and helps diminish the hazardous gopher holes that can trip a horse who’s busy playing in their pasture turn-outs.

George and the horses

Watching George and the horses in this bucolic setting is a soothing site…..a beautiful example of inter-species harmony….a reminder of how easy it is to live in peaceful coexistence with all beings.

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