Gifts come in so many different packages…sometimes it’s something as simple as the gift of sunshine after a good rain or the look of affection from a loved one.  Other times it’s the unconditional love and support like the kind I received from my friend Lola yesterday when I called her in a nervous fit right before my television appearance.  She reminded me that I am good at what I do and that she had faith in me.  Her gift set me right back on center.

I later experienced another gift when a woman who boards her horse where Romeo lives (we’ve been getting to know each other over the past few months) came to my Artist Reception last night with a simple, yet beautiful bouquet of flowers.  Her gesture touched me deeply. 

Flowers and Felines

And then this morning, yet another gift when I decided to photograph the flowers…there in the background, watching me with intent  was our Orange Boy Felix….his display of quiet love a reminder to live in a state of perpetual gratitude where all gifts are possible all the time.


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