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Bella and Blueberry

When our dog Bella first came to live with us, she displayed fear-aggression with all other dogs in the neighborhood except one: our neighbors’ Pit Bull “Blueberry”  Blue’s nonplussed attitude and her quiet confidence were an instant hit with Bella and they have been best girlfriends ever since.

Their favorite activity is of course playtime. Bella charges around Blue, diving in for bites and growls, while Blue has learned that if she just stands in the middle, Bella will wear herself out running in circles.

Blueberry's Joyful Roll

Blue’s gesture to Bella that the play session is over (or at least a break is needed) is to go into the now torn-up ivy and roll joyously upside down while Bella waits patiently for the signal to go again. 

Their friendship is a testament to the wonders of accepting things-as-they-are that dogs (and all animals) thrive upon.  

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