Giving Thanks To The Animals Who Transform Us

animal communication
Scooter, Zen Master

We’ve all met those animals who have transformed us in some profound way.  I knew when I met Scooter that he was one of those special beings who would orchestrate a great change in my life….for the better.  Kind, gentle, wise and giving, Scooter has been the horse I’ve leased for 8 months.  He has taught me better riding skills, confidence, trust and more than anything, he has taught me to open my heart again after the loss of my beloved Romeo.  I will be leasing him for another month while I get to know my new horse Remington.  Since Scooter lives in the same barn as Remington, they are becoming good friends.

I have explained to Scooter that we will find another special person for him…..he has his mom who loves and adores him, (and who he sees twice a day) but he will also have someone else who will lease him and bring even more joy into his life.  He likes this idea…..always the Zen master, he reminds me that his greatest skill is going with the flow of things.

Scooter will always be very special to me.  He is the first one I greet at the stables in the morning and the last one to whom I say goodbye.  I give thanks to him every day.  I know he realizes how much he has transformed me…..he reminds me every day that it’s just what he does.

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