Go Hug Your Animal Today

animal communication“Holiness comes wrapped in the ordinary.  There are burning bushes all around you.  Every tree is full of angels.  Hidden beauty is waiting in every crumb.”  Macrina Weiderkehr

Animals have an affect on me.  Being around them settles me down, quiets my soul…….. helps me focus on what really matters.  They help me see the miracles in all things and the beauty within each moment. 

animal communication


I think it’s because they live like that all the time.  As if every second of life is filled with wonder and rightness and harmony and joy.  I think that’s why we all want to be around them and why the pet industry has exploded at nearly the same rate our world has become so technologically oriented.

We can balance ourselves, our energy field, our very lives by spending more time with animals.  By living with them, being in their presence and even by just observing them in their own natural habitat, we become reconnected to the potent mysteries of life.  When we open ourselves to them, we are reunited with the essence of our being and we are healed on many deep levels. 

animal communication



So go hug your animal friends today.  And thank them for helping you remember who you really are.


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