Go With Your Gut


animal communication
Looking Within

Animals teach us how to follow instinct.  They are superior in their intelligence, yet their perceptions and behaviors are ruled by their inner compass, not their head.  This doesn’t mean they don’t think things through, it means they listen to their gut….the sixth sense which speaks from a higher level of intelligence.

By spending time with our beloved animal companions and studying their way of being, we learn that following our gut means trusting an inner voice which speaks to us from within.  It’s the all-knowing voice which is lightening quick and leaves you with a warm, quiet sensation in your center….hence the phrase “follow your gut”. 

Another way of thinking about it is to follow your heart.  The gut and the heart speak the same language; when we embrace the advanced wisdom which dwells within us and is available to us all the time, we learn to quiet the doubtful mind and trust the loving spirit that is our source.  

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