Going Within


animal communication
Scooter Watching Me

Before visiting Scooter today, I asked Romeo’s advice about how to best approach this relationship with my new equine friend.  (Romeo’s presence is very much with me and on many occasions I consult him for spiritual direction.  He continues to be my beloved teacher, just as he was during his life with me…..compassionate but straight forward in his lessons.)

He reminded me that Scooter is not just a horse, but a spiritual being and to honor him as such.  He also reminded me to keep my heart open and to allow Scooter to reveal himself to me on a deeper level.

animal communicatiion
The Eye of the Soul

Oh! What a meaningful time we spent together today.  After telling Scooter how much I appreciated him as a wise soul and that I wanted to learn his spiritual teachings, his entire demeanor reached out to me.  Our ride, our time together was rich with connection and meaning.

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