Grateful for getting older

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Romeo and Debra

I had the vet out today to check on Romeo…he’s been quite sore, even lame the last week. Turns out he’s just showing normal signs of getting older….he’ll be 19 next year.  It reminded me of the time I asked an animal communicator friend to talk with him several years ago.  (When I bought Romeo almost 5 years ago he was lame…..more about that in a future  post )  I asked my friend to check out some of my concerns about whether or not Romeo was in much pain.  His response to her:  “Pain is something that inhibits my ability to move forward.  Some days I move just fine, others I don’t”.  Then he turned to me and said “My main problem with my pain is YOU”.

Never one to hold back the truth, most animals communicate with a profoundly honest, straight forward approach.  I completely understood what my beloved horse meant.  He was reminding me that my way of dealing with his pain was to worry, hand-ring, fret and overwhelm him with my need to fix it.

We’ve come a long way since then, Romeo and I…….but watching Romeo today and the quiet, gentle way in which he stood for Dr. Matthews, patiently allowing him to examine, pull, stretch, rub and poke said so much about how he views not only pain, but life in general.   I love that horse… and I realize I still worry about him when he’s uncomfortable.

He on the other hand was just plain grateful to demonstrate the grace and acceptance of getting older.  No big deal.  He was also grateful to hear the vet say “Ride him, exercise him.  The best thing in the world you can do for him is to keep him moving, feeling important and having a job.”








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  1. Mary Muncil
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    What a beautiful lesson for us all Debra! Thank you

  2. admin
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    Thank you Mary.

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