Happy New Year…the morning after


Toy Kingdom

Last night, for New Year’s Eve we had our friends/neighbors over for dinner.  They brought Blueberry with them.  She’s a rescued Pit Bull and Bella’s all-time best girlfriend who has generously taken on the role of mentor, teacher and bringer of all things fun and wonderful for our beloved girl dog.

After dinner and much to the entertainment of our boys (Oscar/Felix orange kitters), the girls romped, played and rough-housed, each taking turns with Bella’s multitude of toys.  It was enlightening to watch Blueberry take over the toy-kingdom  while Bella relinquished over her favorite squeaky bunnies and moose-es to her best buddy….no begrudging, no fighting, no rabble-rousing…just two girls drunk with play and having a blast on New Year’s Eve.


The Morning After

This morning’s higgly-piggly pile of worn-out gaters, bunnies and other-worldly canine play- things was testament to a good time had by all.

Happy New Year everyone….and to your most cherished animal friends and family.

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