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I recently read about a documentary film named “Happy” which travels the globe to find the happiest people in the world.  Not only did reading about this make me feel happy (!) it caused me to think about animals and how they naturally seek happiness and joy.  We wouldn’t have to travel far to find multitudes of happy animals!

What is the happiness factor and why is it that animals seem to experience it so much easier than humans? I have always found it profoundly fascinating that in spite of the amazing intelligence and deductive reasoning capabilities of animals, they are not bogged down by their logic.  Instead, they seek harmony and balance in all things.  They follow an instinctive natural order, never questioning why or how, but simply going with the flow of what ever happens.

Perhaps therein lies the answer:  total acceptance of what is creates feelings of happiness.  So simple.  Yet so profound.

  1. Mary Muncil
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    Thank you Debra! (I know what we will be watching tonight!)

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