Have You Ever Taken A Nap With A Horse and Been Healed?

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animal communication
Saddle Creek Farm

The last two times I’ve visited with Remington, I’ve had an extraordinary experience.  It may seem like no big deal to some one else but for me, it has been a profound, enlightening and consciousness-altering gift.

After I take Remy out of the pasture and we do our usual walk around the Farm, groom, go eat grass, I return him to the pasture where his buddies William and Luke await his return.  They are a close knit herd and Remy is loved by them both.  I then gather up my chair and lunch stuff and go sit under the shade of one of the massive oak trees in the pasture where I can watch the boys and revel in the beauty, quiet and natural serenity of the moment.  Usually, the boys are wandering around the pasture, grazing, interacting or just hanging out.

animal communication
Got Anything For Us?

But now there is a new routine.  It starts with Remy trotting over to me, a beautiful expression on his face, obviously delighted that I’m there and eager to spend some more time with me.  Then follows the greetings from the other two boys.  All three spend time convincing me that it would be a good idea to share my lunch with them, but Remy knows the routine, so he usually just stands near me and tells the other boys to give it up; their treats will come later.

And then he invites them all to take a nap.   They surround my chair, up close and personal with not only me, but each other, cock one of their hind legs and proceed to enter that mysterious equine zone where horses go when they are sleeping while standing up.  It is obvious they see me as part of the herd and feel extremely comfortable with me.  Horses don’t nap unless they feel safe.  And almost always they will nap next to each other, even when they live in corrals.  You’ll see them hugging the fence-line, standing next to each other while they nap.

animal communication
Companion Napping

What makes this such an unusual and delicious experience for me is the state of consciousness that surrounds me while they are in their nap zone.  It is permeable.  It wraps around me like a soft, protective bubble, their energies taking me to a place of utter oneness and unity.  We become one ‘being’ of pure spirit, pure peace and harmony.  It is both humbling and exhilarating at the same time.  I am aware of being healed on a very deep level; the gift of equine wisdom and love soaking into my very cells.

Animal Communicaton
Remy and William

And the healing lasts; it stays with me.  I am reminded many times throughout the following days of the experience and all I have to do is picture it and I can feel the healing energies affecting me again.

Horses are profound, amazing and sometimes misunderstood creatures.  When you open your heart to their heart, you may find yourself being transported to a place that touches your very soul.

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