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Babe and Abby at Osuna Ranch

Horses are herd animals. For them…… more is definitely better.  Because they are prey animals, being with other horses is as much about safety as it is companionship. There is much to learn from their equine persuasion to live in harmony and community.

At the Osuna Ranch, there are three retired mares who share a 2-acre pasture.  Most days, you can see them grazing within eye contact of each other or resting together under their shelter.  Lucy, the latest addition to their small herd is the boss of both other girls. Although she is quick to remind Babe and Abby who’s in charge, she still respects their preexisting friendship. 

Whenever I take Romeo over to visit with these girls during our walk-abouts, he is alert, friendly and very interested in spending time near them….partly because they’re girls, but partly because they are his kind.

The other day when we walked by their shelter, Babe and Abby were quietly companion napping…… Babe in the foreground and her older friend standing next to her, taking shelter in the shadows.  Lucy wasn’t far away, grazing in the sunshine.  The permeating sense of peace and quietude that surrounded us was delicious….a slice of time, suspended in harmony and grace.  Romey and I drank it in, grateful for the momentary chance to become a part of their herd.

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