Here’s Looking At You

"Here's Lookin' At You"

This leopard was photographed shortly after finishing his meal.  In this remarkable shot, the photographer came upon him unexpectedly.

I usually take my own photos as references for my paintings.  When that’s not possible, I make arrangements with professional photographers who capture special moments in animal behavior.  The photographer who took this reference photo told me the story behind this shot.  He and his lorry driver were  taking a moment to stop and check out the scenery when the driver suddenly and very quietly signaled him to look up.  There, not 10 feet above them was this leopard looking  down at them.

He took as many shots as he could, captivated by this incredulous opportunity.  When the leopard began to slowly swish his tale back and forth… obvious sign that it was time for them to move on, they did so.  But as he explained to me…there was not one moment when he didn’t realize not only the rarity of this shot, but the very real danger behind it.  He was grateful to have been allowed by this magnificent fellow to capture such a private moment without being challenged by his wildness.

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