Here’s What Happens When Cats Go Grocery Shopping

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animal communication
Felix (left) and Oscar (right) helping with the groceries

Our two Orange Boys Oscar and Felix LOVE grocery shopping day.  As soon as I arrive home, bags in hand and start stacking them on the kitchen counters to be unloaded, the boys are ready to help.

They usually hear my car pull into the garage and when I first come in, are on the counter waiting for me to start unloading all the goodies.

They make a big deal of inspecting the bags, giving me the “hurry up” vibe, not-so-patiently waiting for the real and only reason they know I’ve come home with the bounty:  Kittie Grass.

animal communication
My Helpers

I buy wheat-grass at my favorite health food store, which most people use for juicing.  Since the boys are inside-only kitters (Our home is surrounded by nature and they would be coyote appetizers in a heart-beat.  They are very content to live inside with their outside deck for viewing, their numerous cat-trees through-out the house, consistent affection and attention and Bella, our dog to keep them entertained.)…..I always have fresh grass on hand for them.

animal communication
The Real Reason for Grocery Shopping

They have come to expect regular delivers of this delectable delight and they know that grocery shopping day almost always involves Kittie Grass.  Once I have all the bags on the counter I search through everything for it before unloading all the groceries, put it in the sink and water it, then set it on the counter where they are both waiting to dig in.  They each grab a bite or two then go to their garden-window beds where they take a bath, relishing the after-taste of grass and then settle in for a nice long sun-nap while I empty the bags and put everything  away.

animal communication
The After-Grass Nap

My life is blessed with the animals who share it with me.  They are not only my four-legged buddies, my confidants and comfort-givers, they are my beloved teachers who remind me daily of how to live in the present, be one with nature and cherish the unconditional love that fills my life and heart with cherished moments.

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