Hidden Messages

animal communication
24 X 30, Acrylic on canvas

I recently finished a commissioned portrait of a beautiful off-the-track Thoroughbred mare who lives where Remington is boarded.  She is a complex horse….keeps her feelings and thoughts to herself, doesn’t like to be fussed over, is learning western style riding and is teaching her person (who loves and adores her) many things about horsemanship. There is so much more going on inside this beautiful horse than she lets on.  It was an interesting challenge to paint her portrait because of her reluctance to communicate.

Normally when I create one of my “Talking Art” portraits the animal is eager to share their thoughts with me throughout the painting process.  As the painting progresses, I become very familiar with not only their energy, but their feelings about their life, their human family, their attitudes about their portrait, their messages for their person…..it’s one of the things I love most about my work.  Getting to know each animal as I bring their likeness to life while creating a work of art that will portray their messages is exhilarating and rewarding.

One of the things I learned most while painting Cassie is that not all messages are so obvious.  Sometimes it is the hidden messages which are kept secret that are the most precious.  I know that Cassie’s portrait will speak deeply to her person….that even though the reason for creating this portrait was hidden to me, it will create a rich and valuable link between these two souls who have a very deep and very personal relationship.  It will help them grow even closer, providing spiritual and mystical pathways through which they can share their sincere love and understanding for each other.

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