High Places

animal communication
Oscar’s High Place

Our Orange Boy Oscar likes to get up onto high places…..as many cats do.  The extra tall cat tree in my studio is one of his favorite morning hang-outs. There is a small peek-a-boo hole built into the top piece, made for jumping through and playing around…..which he used to do when he was a small kitten. A Higher Perspective

This morning when I was doing my Yoga, not realizing he was napping atop the tree….I felt the presence of someone and looked up.  There, nestled into dreamland was our precious, lovable boy. 

Always on the lookout for messages from/about animals, I reflected on Oscar’s presence this morning and what message he might have.  His comfortable, at ease vibe reminded me of  being on top of the world…..that unmistakable feeling of seeking high places in order to attain a higher consciousness.  It was a wonderful reminder to embrace the absolute best in all things….and to always be open to a higher way of being.

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