Holidays and Animals


animal communication
Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  Aside from all the hullabaloo of commercialism that so many of our holidays have become, I love the spirit of this holiday.

When I’ve asked animals how they feel about our ‘holidays’, most of them associate those times with their humans being busy, social and sometimes preoccupied.

animal communication
Jesse and her Pumpkins

For my critters, I make sure that during the busy holiday times,  they receive extra attention and love from me.   My friend Linda buys extra mini-pumpkins for her dog Jesse, who loves to devour them one at a time.  Staying tuned into the needs of our beloved animal companions during these upcoming busy times helps us not only share the fun and joy with them, it reminds us to stay balanced and happy.


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  1. Mary Muncil
    | Reply

    Such a beautiful reminder Debra (and just what I needed to hear today!)

  2. admin
    | Reply

    Thank you Mary. Your blog inspires me daily….I am so grateful that my entries can do the same for you!

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