animal communication
Romeo, The Master of Truth

As I’ve shared in past posts, I’ve been busy looking at horses who are for sale.  For a variety of reasons, many of them related to soundness, I’ve had to pass on some very kind, wonderful horses.  As much as I would like to adopt them all, I know the next equine chapter of my life is to be spent having fun with a healthy, happy horse.  My years with Romeo, whose lameness limited his fitness and caused him pain….. were some of the happiest of my life.  As much as our relationship was all about care-giving, Romeo also taught me to take care of myself.  In fact he insisted on it.

So when I tell a horse that I am not the person for them, I am honest.  I explain to them why they are for sale (as best I can, based on what the sellers tell me).  I tell them all about their most wonderful qualities and I ask them to stay strong and have faith that the right person will find them.

Honesty is so important, especially with animals.  They read the energy of deceit…no matter how small.  When we are congruent…in alignment with what we know and feel inside, the energy we put forth is pure and sweet.  It is the energy animals want most to be around.

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