Honesty, Part 2


animal communication
What’s Up?

Our animals are integral members of the family….enmeshed in the daily ups and downs of their humans.  I have been reminded of this lately.  My husband started a new business and our lives have been filled with the details of this major undertaking.  Because we both have our offices at home, our Orange Boys and Bella are in the middle of it all.  Privy to the late-night strategy meetings, the preoccupation of their humans and the added stress in the household, they are as much a part of this venture as we are!

Following my own advice about honesty, I have made it a point to take extra time with each of them….explaining why their humans are so busy and that in spite of our distractions, we love them and are grateful for their unconditional love and support.

It doesn’t matter that animals may not understand the reasons why their humans go through stressful times.  What matters is that we stay in touch with them and honestly express our feelings with them….treating them like the important family members that they are.

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