animal communication
Equine Honesty

I spoke with a woman today who is trying to sell her horse.  She is conflicted about the decision to sell him.  She’s had him since he was a baby and is very attached to him, but feels she doesn’t have the time to devote to him.  I asked her if she’s talked with him about any of this.  She hasn’t.  I encouraged her to be honest with him….he’s already picking up from her that she’s troubled and although he doesn’t completely understand the concept of being sold, he wants to know what’s going on.

Animals, particularly horses inherently know when we’re being honest about our feelings.   They read our insides….. accurately sensing the feelings we think we’re hiding so well and wondering why we aren’t in alignment with them.  In their world, there is no such thing as feeling one way and acting another.

We honor their teachings about harmony and balance when we embrace our feelings and honestly express who we are to not only them, but to ourselves.

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