Honoring the Intelligence of All Life

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Remington At The Show

When I first bought my horse Remington, I thought I might want to show him.  He has the talent, the looks and the disposition for it.  But as time went on, I grew more hesitant.  As an animal communicator, I have talked with many show horses….some who love it and some who don’t.  After much thought, I finally came to terms with the fact that I don’t have the desire to show, so I decided it wasn’t going to be part of our future together.

However, a few weeks ago I began to rethink it….again.  I realized I hadn’t consulted Remington about showing.  Being such an advocate for listening to animals, I realized it wasn’t fair for me to make a decision about my horse’s life that didn’t involve his input.  So this past weekend, we went on a ‘field trip’ adventure…to a local horse show.  He, along with four other horses from the barn spent the day there.  Although I didn’t enter Remy in any of the classes, he had the chance to ride around all day, take in the sites and watch his friends show in the big arena.  He was fascinated with the experience…..I could tell that even though he was a bit unsure at times, he enjoyed all the action and seeing all the new horses that weren’t part of his normal herd.  When I showed up at the barn this morning and asked him what he thought of it all, he asked me when we were going to go again!   I still haven’t made a final decision about him becoming a show horse….but we will go again so he can continue to get a taste of it.  Having new experiences that are outside his daily routine are good for him and will build his self esteem and his awareness.

Because I believe so strongly in honoring the intelligence of all life…especially the wants and needs of the animals who are part of our family…..I will continue to involve Remington in the important decisions that affect his life.  By listening to him and working together as partners, not only will his life be more filled with joy and purpose, so will mine.

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