Horse Medicine

animal communication

Casper belongs to a good friend of mine and is a kind, old-soul horse who used to live at the same stables where I boarded Romeo several years ago…they were great friends.  He is now boarded just around the corner from my house and I have been visiting him…he offers tremendously powerful horse medicine for my still unsettled heart.

Today we all went for a hand-walk and took Miss Bella who had the time of her life.  Casper is patient and curious with her…a wonderful teacher of the gentle equine ways. 

animal communication
Sweet Casper

Being around both Casper and Tammy brings me peace and sweet memories of the wonderful times we had when we’d take the boys (Casper and Romeo) for long walks, stopping to eat grass along the way and sharing horse stories.  We all found great pleasure in just being together with no other agenda than simply enjoying each others company.

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