Horse Time

animal communication
The time is now

There’s something that happens to time when we’re around horses.  If we let ourselves, we can become lost in a mysterious dimension where time as we know it becomes nonexistent.  Like Alice stepping through the looking glass, we enter a state of being that is enlightening and enriching to our souls. I call it “Horse Time”.

Most animals have the ability to help us step into ‘horse time’, it’s one of their many gifts to us.   Living in the moment,  IS their time zone.

I recommend a daily (or at least weekly) dose of ‘horse time’…’s good for not only your own well being, but for every living thing with whom you share your life.

2 Responses

  1. Connie
    | Reply

    So true. Everything else of my life fades
    and all is right with the world.

  2. admin
    | Reply

    Connie, indeed “all is right with the world” is how I feel too after a good dose of horse time. (dog time, cat time….any animal time!)

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