How Do Animals Deal With Anger?


animal communication
I’m Happy, Are You?

Today I had an encounter with a woman who I had a friendship with over 15 years ago. She was resentful, angry and consumed with venting her dissatisfaction with me as a “previous ” friend.  She wore her anger with pride.  Our encounter prompted me to reflect on what I have learned from animals about emotions.

Animals experience a full range of emotions, just like we do.  The difference is in how they process them.  They may feel anger towards someone….be it human or animal…..but they quickly overcome that feeling by choosing harmony over resentment….peace over hate.  No matter what emotion might consume them, they seek to return to a balanced state of mind and heart.

I don’t know if this a conscious decision on their part…..or if animals are blessed with a natural inclination to seek the path of least resistance.  What I do know is this:  I want to be more like them.

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